Modern Warbirds Now Operating in the European Theater

Being away from the big international aviation events for months on end, I recently pondered the pervasive pastime of collecting warbird aircraft. What compels their conservators? Deliberating further on the replicas and remakes I stumbled on in 2017 and 2015, I asked, ‘Where have all the modern warbirds gone?’

It was 18 months ago I last visited AERO Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance in southern Germany. There in the Old World, I was surprised to see the same fascination for vintage aircraft that Americans embrace in the New World. Observing up close many European takes on the warbird I detected life left in the aero combat veterans and their impersonations. ‘Is the warbird story still remarkable today, in a world of adrenaline obsessed and digitally engrossed aviators?’

The Power of a Cover Photo

Bearhawk Aircraft, Trade-A-Plane Cover Photo
Bearhawk Aircraft on the cover of Trade-A-Plane. The power of a cover photo is equal to the power of love between product and consumer. On the Second September 2018 issue of Trade-A-Plane, the go-to publication for aircraft and supplies, is a Bearhawk Patrol. Designed by Bob Barrows the Bearhawk Patrol is a kit-built aircraft used for recreational flying and hauling. This example, built by Wayne Giles, performs exceptionally well in the backcountry environs of South Africa. Bearhawk aircraft are available in three models, are built to perform and can be seen flying worldwide. For more information visit