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MU-2 Magazine October 2014 Roy Kinsey
Roy Kinsey, Flying With WWII Veterans. Owner/Operator Spotlight—Roy Kinsey—published in MU-2 Magazine, October 2014

1,000-Hour MU-2 pilot Roy Kinsey participated in a July 4th celebration that included flying in his 1943 Boeing Stearman in a ceremony honoring World War II veterans. He’s flown many aircraft from Cubs to pressurized Barons. Yet his selection of the MU-2 came by surprise.

On a trip to Alaska, Kinsey had stopped in Ketchikan for fuel and witnessed an MU-2 landing, flown by none other than Franklin Graham, son of the late Billy Graham. While halfway to Anchorage, Graham’s MU-2 passed Kinsey’s Baron, to his surprise. He emphasized, “the Baron is well regarded as a fast airplane,” and now his MU-2 “saves a bunch of time.”

MU-2 Magazine Article

MU-2 Magazine July 2014 Tom Bond
Owner/Operator Spotlight—Tom Bond—published in MU-2 Magazine, July 2014

Tom Bond, a Texas attorney is not unlike “ordinary” pilots. He’s owned many airplanes. Starting with trainers, he proceeded moving up in scale. His MU-2 was his 17th airplane, and when he bought it back, his 19th. Just as in the law profession, there’s a process to arriving at a comfortable solution. It entails discovery and analysis. There are goals and, ultimately, the satisfaction of reaching them. Choosing the perfect airplane is much the same and that’s what makes Tom so pleased with his MU-2.

MU-2 Magazine Article

MU-2 Magazine April 2014 Ken Sutton
There’s a tool for every job and a job for every tool. Owner/Operator Spotlight—Ken Sutton—published in MU-2 Magazine, April 2014

From learning to fly while in high school and diverting from his ambitions of a career in aviation, Ken Sutton eventually fulfilled a longtime dream of not only flying a MU-2, but actually owning one in the pursuit of his business activities.