Texas Transportation Institute Research Assistant

Texas Transportation Institute
As a college senior and during my first year of graduate studies in Land Development, I worked as a research assistant with Texas Transportation Institute (TTI). Now Texas A&M Transportation Institute, TTI is the largest transportation research agency in the United States addressing all modes of transportation–highway, air, water, rail and pipeline. Some of the work performed during my employment were traffic counts along urban Interstate Highways, and digitizing one of the first computer simulations of a transit system for the Houston metropolitan area.

Master of Science in Land Development – Texas A&M University

Fat Mac 512K enhanced
While working to earn a Master of Science degree in Land Development at Texas A&M University I bought my first Macintosh—a Fat Mac 512K enhanced. It would later serve as the project inspiration for construction of a Macquarium. Future Mac purchases became productivity tools in my design, engineering and marketing professions. For many years I was an authorized Apple VAR (Value Added Reseller) and information systems consultant.