TaylorCub Vendor Promo

The TaylorCub, a.k.a. Legend Cub / Texas Sport, debuted at Sun ‘n Fun and AirVenture-Oshkosh in 2009. The amateur-built aircraft featured equipment from leading manufacturers of general aviation products.

The Legend Cub - TaylorCub
Legend Cub – TaylorCub, factory built at American Legend Aircraft Company. Legend Cub | Continental Motors | Sensenich | PolyFiber | TrickAir
Legend Cub - TaylorCub
Legend Cub – TaylorCub vendor spotlight. Kannad | FlightLine | Alcor | Davtron | Amsafe | Sky-Tec | B&C | Rami | UMA | Maule | Whelen | Revere | Univair | PS Engineering | TruTrak | Mitchell | Great Lakes Aero | ACK
Legend Cub - TaylorCub
Legend Cub – TaylorCub at Sun ‘n Fun Fly In 2009.
Legend Cub - TaylorCub
Legend Cub – TaylorCub vendor spotlight. Odyssey | AirGizmos | AvteksGoodyear | the Claw
Legend Cub - TaylorCub
The TaylorCub featured vendors from leading general aviation manufacturers. Click here to download billboard image.
Legend Cub - TaylorCub
Legend Cub – TaylorCub at AirVenture Oshkosh 2009.

Tempelhof Aviators Visit

Tempelhof Aviators
Toured the now legendary Tempelhof Aviators shortly before the airport was closed. Here proprietor Thomas Schüttoff operated a classic flying school alongside a collection of vintage cars, aircraft and other artifacts. Flughafen Berlin-Tempelhof, following the Berlin Airlift, was renown as “the best equipped airport in the whole world with its modern radar installations for routing and approach control.”