TaylorCub Vendor Promo

The TaylorCub, a.k.a. Legend Cub / Texas Sport, debuted at Sun ‘n Fun and AirVenture-Oshkosh in 2009. The amateur-built aircraft featured equipment from leading manufacturers of general aviation products.

The Legend Cub - TaylorCub
Legend Cub – TaylorCub, factory built at American Legend Aircraft Company. Legend Cub | Continental Motors | Sensenich | PolyFiber | TrickAir
Legend Cub - TaylorCub
Legend Cub – TaylorCub vendor spotlight. Kannad | FlightLine | Alcor | Davtron | Amsafe | Sky-Tec | B&C | Rami | UMA | Maule | Whelen | Revere | Univair | PS Engineering | TruTrak | Mitchell | Great Lakes Aero | ACK
Legend Cub - TaylorCub
Legend Cub – TaylorCub at Sun ‘n Fun Fly In 2009.
Legend Cub - TaylorCub
Legend Cub – TaylorCub vendor spotlight. Odyssey | AirGizmos | AvteksGoodyear | the Claw
Legend Cub - TaylorCub
The TaylorCub featured vendors from leading general aviation manufacturers. Click here to download billboard image.
Legend Cub - TaylorCub
Legend Cub – TaylorCub at AirVenture Oshkosh 2009.

Tempelhof Aviators Visit

Tempelhof Aviators
Toured the now legendary Tempelhof Aviators shortly before the airport was closed. Here proprietor Thomas Schüttoff operated a classic flying school alongside a collection of vintage cars, aircraft and other artifacts. Flughafen Berlin-Tempelhof, following the Berlin Airlift, was renown as “the best equipped airport in the whole world with its modern radar installations for routing and approach control.”

FlyItalia MD3 Rider Demo Flight

Gryf FlyItalia MD3 Rider
Visited a small airfield, in Dovera, Italy (Aviosuperficie JFK) for a demonstration flight in the MD3 Rider. The FlyItalia MD3 Rider designed by Gryf Aircraft is an all metal European ultralight high-wing, 2-place aircraft. An increased gross weight version with speeds up to 150 MPH, the MD3 SportRider meets Sport Pilot requirements in the U.S.