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Remove chocks and roll. Is moving your aircraft difficult and downright troublesome? Redline Aviation tow bars provide ready relief. They attach quickly, work simply and require less effort.

“Take it from me, Ready Redline, our tow bar systems mean ready relief, so you’re ready to roll.”

Redline Aviation Ad, Aircraft Spruce & Specialty
Redline Aviation print ad featuring Ready Redline. Redline aviation manufactures aircraft Tow Bar Systems with “The Stiffy,” Wedge-Loc and Power Tow Adapter options.

RUPP Roadster Mini-Cycle Restoration

1970's Classic RUPP Mini-Cycle restored to woking condition in 2006.
1970’s Classic RUPP Mini-Cycle restored to woking condition in 2006.
1970 RUPP Mini-Cycle
RUPP Mini-Cycle 1970 Owner’s Manual

This original Rupp Roadster was left in a barn in working condition. Found and restored some 30 years later, it is a working collectible. The model year is 1970. In 2006, under a layer of dust, it appeared to have very few hours of use. The Rupp Mini-Cycle was purchased from the original owner. It had been well-cared for. Having kept it for less than a year, I changed the fluids, tested it, detailed it, and used it less than one hour. It was a pleasure to restore, but needed to be in the hands of a collector.