Master of Science in Land Development – Texas A&M University

Fat Mac 512K enhanced
While working to earn a Master of Science degree in Land Development at Texas A&M University I bought my first Macintosh—a Fat Mac 512K enhanced. Finally, a computer for non-programmers, the Mac opened up creative minds to tasks beyond a computer’s ability to rearrange bits and bytes. This original Mac, years later, would inspire the construction of a Macquarium. Numerous Macs have served as productivity tools in my design, engineering and marketing professions. I also operated an information systems consulting business and held an Authorized Apple VAR (Value Added Reseller) certification.

Newspaper Delivery

San Antonio Light Newspaper, June 10, 1977.
One of my first jobs was delivering newspapers in San Antonio. Here’s the front page from the San Antonio Light Newspaper, June 10, 1977 (note the “No Nudes is Good Nudes” masthead). The Sunday papers back then were anything but light. Nevertheless, I’d load up the shoulder satchels, hop on my bike, and block-by-block lessen the load on my wheels. Before the sun came up, I’d be back in bed.