Who We Are

Connect Communications is a team of professionals serving the marketing communications needs of clients worldwide. We develop and manage marketing activities for businesses in aviation, information technology, manufacturing, construction, and business-to-business services. We also provide copy writing and publishing services.

Connect Communications is responsible for marketing communications for a variety of clients both U.S. based and international. Our work includes creative strategy development, planning and production, media planning and analysis, and, most importantly, the execution of a plan.


Connect Communications can help with the development of your marketing plan—from print to PR to events.

An integrated marketing plan with the goal of reaching, and influencing, your desired audience is what you need to succeed.


Connect Communications can help you focus in four key areas… Identity, Marketing, Publication, Promotion. It all starts with good design.

Brand identity begins with your stationery, then extends to signage and graphic standards so others get it right too. Most importantly it revolves around the perceptions your customers have about you.

Marketing is an all-encompassing term yet it is seldom appreciated on the bottom line. Consider where you would be without good marketing. And, be mindful that your competition is both the benchmark and the bandit.

How exciting it is when you see yourself, your company or your wares in print! Just think how inspired your next customer was when he saw you there. Publications that mean the most to your customers are the places you need to be.

Following strong identity, multi-faceted marketing, and targeted publication, it’s time to make time for promotion. Connect Communications is experienced with promotion and will work with you to ensure that your next performance is one to be remembered.


Connect Communications understands the power behind the printed word, the flash that makes the art work, and the wonders of the Web and the world it entwines.

Call Connect Communications today to help make your strategic plan a resounding success.