BAC 1-11 Aircraft Design Engineer

DHC BAC1-11 Rolls Royce Tay Re-Engine

In the now obsolete aircraft that I once worked on category, the BAC 1-11 was produced in small numbers (244) by British Aircraft Corporation from 1963–1982 in the UK, and later until 1989 in Romania.

Dee Howard Company, known for its head-of-state mods and thrust reversers, embarked on a project to re-engine the BAC 1-11 with Rolls Royce Tay engines. A collaboration between Schwartz Engineering Company, Dee Howard, and Avionics Engineering Services, the San Antonio based aircraft underwent interior modifications, an electrical system retrofit, and an instrument panel re-design. By April 1997, Alenia of Italy had taken over Dee Howard Inc. and withdrew backing of the Tay engined BAC 1-11 at a fairly late stage in the certification program.

I would later work on other BAC 1-11 aircraft for Chrysler Corporation—an interior project for Pyka Design. Then a BAC 1-11-400 for H&M Holdings Ltd. underwent antenna installations, and instrument panel and avionics rack re-designs. On a third BAC 1-11, operated by Lukenbill Enterprises and Gary Aerospace of Hondo, Texas for transport of the Sacramento Kings basketball team, I worked with the design team on interior modifications and installations.