NEWS Gemini Diesel Engine Comes to the Legend Cub

Big news at AirVenture Oshkosh this year was the announcement that American Legend Aircraft Company began offering a 100-horsepower Gemini Diesel engine as a factory option on the Legend Cub. The new Gemini Diesel 100 from Superior Air Parts, Inc. is a high-torque, highly efficient powerplant. Mounted on the Legend Cub, the Gemini Diesel offers numerous benefits never before available to Cub operators.

The Gemini Diesel runs on a variety of available fuels including Jet A, diesel and bio-diesel. While many see diesel as the future of aviation, it is indeed a nearly universal and increasingly available fuel today. The Diesel-Cub combination bodes to be an extremely popular option for Legend Cub buyers and in a growing number of locations worldwide.

Legend Cub - Gemini Diesel 100 Engine
The Legend Cub is available with the Gemini Diesel 100 engine.

The Gemini 100 uniflow diesel was introduced in April 2015. It's unique design sports six pistons (in a horizontally opposed arrangement of three cylinders) and a highly efficient two-stroke operation. The Gemini Diesel delivers a supercharged full 100 horsepower. Compared to same-class avgas engines, the Gemini is lighter in weight, yet higher in torque at lower RPM. Additionally, maintenance and reliability are improved as the Gemini boasts fewer moving parts.

At an installed weight of just under 200 pounds, the Gemini Diesel is expected to deliver aircraft performance numbers comparable to the Continental O-200-powered Legend Cub. However, the Gemini Diesel will produce greener operations, greater fuel efficiency and--a first in the Cub community--Jet A / diesel fuel flexibility. The Gemini outputs much lower emissions, and delivers up to 20-percent lower fuel burn than avgas piston engines.

The Gemini Diesel option on the Legend Cub will be particularly appealing to owners who operate in remote locations and in parts of the world where 100LL avgas is expensive or difficult to find. "The Gemini Diesel option will really expand the reach of Legend Cub pilots," stated Darin Hart, president of American Legend Aircraft Company.

In summary, the Gemini Diesel 100 engine advantages include:

  • High power-to-weight ratio
  • Higher engine torque at lower RPM
  • Highly efficient, two-stroke diesel power
  • Up to 20% lower fuel burn than conventional engines
  • Runs on Jet A, a global fuel solution with better availability, quality, consistency and pricing
  • Greener operations with lower emissions
  • Extended range on less fuel
  • Mechanically simpler design, with fewer moving parts
  • Available as a Legend Cub factory engine option.

Superior Air Parts, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Superior Aviation Group, is a leading manufacturer of FAA approved aftermarket replacement parts for Lycoming and Continental aircraft engines. For more information on the Gemini Diesel, visit: or

For more information on the Gemini Diesel Legend Cub option, email or call today at 903-885-7000.

NEWS Legend Cub Sweepstakes Aircraft from Sporty's Pilot Shop

American Legend Aircraft Company has once again partnered with Sporty's Pilot Shop on their next sweepstakes aircraft, and this time around Sporty's has upped the ante by offering sales of new Legend Cubs. Sporty's is a renowned leader in aviation products and pilot supplies. Through its FBO, Eastern Cincinnati Aviation, the company will add the Legend Cub to its array of product offerings.

Legend Cub - Sporty's Pilot Shop Sweepstakes
Every order at Sporty's Pilot Shop enters you for a chance to win a new Legend Cub.

The decision to select the Legend Cub as the grand prize in Sporty's next sweepstakes was an easy one, according to company president Michael Wolf, "The Legend Cub was a hit in our 2013 sweepstakes. We know a winner when we see it." Sporty's customers are automatically entered into the Sporty's Legend Cub sweepstakes with every purchase.

On the sales side, Eastern Cincinnati Aviation will provide sales and service for new Legend Cub aircraft. This arrangement fits neatly with Sporty's product selection philosophy. Every item they sell is tested by a team of active pilots, and only products demonstrating value and reliability are offered. The same is true for the Legend Cub.

Legend Cub - Sporty's Pilot Shop SweepstakesThe Legend Cub is built in the mold of the beloved classic Cub from Piper, yet it is thoroughly modernized employing new technologies. True to the Cub's 75 years of history, the Legend Cub retains a long tradition of being practical, enjoyable and easy-to-use.

Chuck Gallagher, president of Eastern Cincinnati Aviation commented, "American Legend, through their Legend Cub and Super Legend aircraft, has put the fun back into flying. Whether on wheels, skis or amphibious floats, these aircraft have economically brought back the joy of simple flight at a speed and altitude allowing the pilot and their passenger to take in the beauty of our great countryside!"

For information on Sporty's Legend Cub sweepstakes, visit

To plan the delivery of your new Legend Cub, contact Charlie Masters at Sporty's Eastern Cincinnati Aviation, or 1-800-908-4359.

ADVENTURE Ladies Love the Legend Cub

LLT Fly-in foiled by rain but soon to be rescheduled...

Originally scheduled for May 2015, the Ladies Love Taildraggers Fly-in to Sulphur Springs, Texas promised food, fun and cheer for this adventurous group of female flyers. Grass strips and water landings included, there were even plans for a Legend Cub factory tour.

Legend Cub - Sulphur Springs Municipal Airport
Sulphur Springs Municipal Airport (KSLR) is home of the Legend Cub.

Instead the fly-in plans were foiled by riley weather as headlines all across Texas spoke of rising waters in the previously parched state. Word was, enough rain fell in a 4-week period to cover the entire state in eight inches of water. Stay tuned for updates on future LLT events at Read a related story at

Trained by a legend in a Legend...

Lisa Buckner is based at Flyin' Tiger Field (81D) in Angleton, Texas You might have heard of Flyin' Tiger Field. It's home to Bruce Bohannon, known for his numerous record setting time-to-climb flights. Bohannon now spends time training pilots in his Legend Cub.

Lisa Buckner: I am a newly soloed Legend Cub student pilot, training under legendary Bruce Bohannon and his two grass strips. I decided to take to the skies after my boyfriend was tragically killed by an inattentive driver. "What do I want to do," I was asked. Tears, many tears. "I want to learn to fly."

Legend Cub - Ladies Love Taildraggers
Student lady pilot Lisa Buckner gets instruction in a Legend Cub.

She continued, I didn't know anything about planes but I did know after my first taxi in the tailwheel, that ALL of my concentration was going to be needed... and then some. Training, flying, the 75-minute drive each way for my lessons, LIFE in 3D, all helped me heal, grow, and gave back to me the AWE and JOY in life. See Lisa's blog posting at

In the age of Amelia Earhart, the Piper Cub was born...

The famed Amelia Mary Earhart was born July 24, 1897, and disappeared July 2, 1937. She was an American aviation pioneer and author. Earhart was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean receiving the U.S. Distinguished Flying Cross for this record. She set many other records, wrote best-selling books about her flying experiences and was instrumental in the formation of The Ninety-Nines, an organization for female pilots. Her many endeavors, and love for aviation, inspired others around the world in countless ways continuing today 78 years after her mysterious demise.

In same year of Earhart's disappearance, the J-3 Cub, a small, simple, light aircraft went into production. Piper Aircraft continued production of the widely recognized yellow bird until 1947. With tandem (fore and aft) seating, the J-3 Cub was intended for flight training and would become perhaps the most popular and best-known light aircraft of all time. More than 20,000 were produced. The Cub's simplicity, affordability and popularity enabled hundreds of thousands of aviators to pursue their dreams of flying, a passion Amelia Earheart dedicated her life to.

Since 2005, American Legend Aircraft Company has been producing the modernized Legend Cub from its factory in Sulphur Springs, Texas. It's an aircraft that carries with it all the passion, dreams and successes of aviators before. American Legend delights in recognizing some impassioned female aviators of the Legend Cub fleet: Linda Fosdick, Lee Blankenship, Trish Jackson, Carol Walker, McKinley Siegfried, Dee Holmes, Sandy Gainza, Lisa Buckner, Freya Shiller, and Jamie Dumm. Safe and happy flying!

To arrange your date with a Legend Cub, call today at 903-885-7000.

LIFESTYLE Sophistication and Beauty

Sophisticated yet simple flying is what today's Legend Cub is all about. From its advanced avionics, including: ADS-B, Autopilot, Touch Screen G3X, to its high-performing engines and propellers, the Legend Cub offers unrivalled performance all-around.

Legend Cub by Jim Wilson Photography
The Legend Cub is the recognized standout in both sophistication and beauty.

It's common to talk about the Cub as one of the most visually appealing aircraft of our time. And it's just as easy to talk about the Cub as the most recognizable aircraft in the world. The facts can be found in any number of places. So with this in mind, we'd like to highlight a few...

Flying magazine ranked the Piper J-3 Cub at #3 in its "Top 25 Most Beautiful Airplanes of all Time." It was an impressive showing among some gorgeous flying craft.

Things that are beautiful don't always need to be paragons of design. Sometimes, the elements... blend into a whole that is inexplicably... perfect. The Piper J-3 Cub... achieved the status of the light airplane archetype, its yellow painted doped fabric covering and black lightning bolt zip along the side creating a brand that was at once globally known and locally grown. Good luck finding a pilot who doesn't love the J-3, but its recognition went beyond the airstrip. For a time "Piper Cub" became the popular parlance for "airplane," for even non-pilots recognize a beautiful airplane when they see one.

See the all the rankings at

Even the mainstream media gets it right about flying once in a while. To many, the world of general aviation is an unknown. Occasionally a grateful few are able to see, by participating in fly-in events, why we as pilots enjoy this community so much.

Every year hundreds of airplane enthusiasts gather in Oshkosh, Wisconsin to show off aircraft of all shapes and sizes, from vintage WWII bombers to custom gliders to Piper Cubs. Bloomberg gathered the highlights in one video titled "The 100 Most Beautiful Airplanes at Oshkosh Fly-In."

Watch the video at

For more information on the sophisticated and beautiful Legend Cub, email us at or call 903-885-7000.

ADVENTURE New Experience for an Old Pilot

Charlie Masters took the next Sporty's Sweepstakes Legend Cub for a spin and couldn't be more pleased with the results. His story begins with a comparison to taking a motorcycle out on the open roads...

Flying a tube and fabric tail-dragger is the aeronautic equivalent to a motorcycle, especially an airplane like the Legend Cub. Its simple systems along with doors and windows that can be opened in flight, allow pilot and passenger alike to be a part of the atmosphere surrounding the airplane, much like a motorcycle makes you feel a part of the road.

Legend Cub at
This Legend Cub is poised for adventure with a Sporty's Pilot Shop customer.

Although an experienced pilot, Charlie's adventure in the Legend Cub was an experience like none he'd had before. He boiled it down to "a simpler kind of flying." The worry-free steps consisted of checking the wings, adding fuel, powering up the engine, taking off and flying. Needless to say, in the end, he thoroughly enjoyed his ride.

You can read Charlie's flying adventure online at the Sporty's Pilot Shop blog, by visiting

TECHNOLOGY Titan Engine Turns Up The Excitement

When American Legend announced the installation of the 180-horsepower Titan OX340 engine in its Super Legend, it created quite a stir. The first Super Legend HP appeared at Sun ‘n Fun Fly-in 2015, grabbing the attention of many enthusiastic pilots.

Super Legend 180 HPThe Titan-powered Super Legend HP boasts an amazing ground roll of 35 feet. It can clear a 50-foot obstacle in 200 feet and can climb in the 2,000 fpm range. Offering cruise speeds of up to 104 mph TAS, at 2,150 rpm, the Super Legend HP has no equal. It's simply...


  • Titan O-340 engine 180 hp
  • 104 mph TAS at 2,150 rpm
  • Takeoff / ground roll 35 feet
  • 50-ft obstacle in 200 feet
  • 2,000 fpm climb
  • Up to 1,750 lbs MTOW*
  • S-LSA Certified*, from $164,900
  • Amateur-built kit, from $52,200

The Super Legend HP is available now as a certified LSA, and in kit form. Its airframe is strength-tested up to 1,750 lbs for amateur-built aircraft. The same structure is used on the LSA with its 1,320 lbs MTOW (1,430 for seaplanes).

The Super Legend HP can comfortably accommodate two occupants with baggage. Differentiating it from the pack, its lightweight airframe and high-performance engine offer a superb flying experience that can be shared with a passenger.

Note: To qualify as light-sport (S-LSA), the Super Legend HP has a maximum takeoff power limitation of five (5) minutes and a continuous cruise operations de-rating to 80 hp. Special lightweight custom paint and avionics packages are available to maintain Super Legend HP weight under S-LSA certification rules of 904 lbs.

Let the excitement begin, order your 180 HP Legend Cub today, call 903-885-7000.

NEWS Legend AmphibCub Deliveries

Congratulations to Ed Woods of Dallas and Ken Costa of New Hampshire on the delivery of their new Legend AmphibCubs, respectively a open-cowl Legend Cub and Lycoming-powered Super Legend. Both aircraft left the factory riding atop a set of new LF1500A carbon fiber floats.

The LF1500A carbon fiber floats, from American Legend Aircraft Company, are a true amphibious design with retractable wheels. Mechanically operated, the rear wheels feature a trailing link design and the front wheels cantilever forward. Operation is intuitive, simple and safe, let alone... a lot of fun.

Legend AmphibCub Carbon Fiber Floats
Ken Costa takes delivery of a new Legend AmphibCub on carbon fiber floats.

The Kevlar and carbon fiber float design for the Legend Cub offer exceptional strength and performance and have been built purposely for the Legend Cub and Super Legend. Not only are they super strong, they are lightweight and pilot friendly.

When designing its next amphibious aircraft, American Legend asked, and answered, a lot of questions. What can be done to make the Legend Cub behave as well as, or better than, the classic J-3 atop a pair of floats? A high performance engine? An increase in useful load? Entry doors on both sides? Watertight storage compartments? Can we really accomplish all this? The answers were a resounding YES! Now, the Legend Cub gives pilots what they've been asking for in a sporty floatplane.

Legend AmphibCub Carbon Fiber Floats
A new Legend AmphibCub on carbon fiber floats awaits the arrival of owner Ed Woods.

Putting floats on an airplane opens up a whole new world of fun flying. With LF1500A floats, the Legend Cub is priced at around $175,500 new. It's simply hard to top a Legend AmphibCub with its big shoes and its not so big price.

For more information on the Legend Cub and LF1500A Amphibious Floats, email us at or call 903-885-7000.

NEWS Legend Aircraft Magazine 2nd Edition

Get Your FREE Copy Now

Legend Magazine - SubscribeThe completely revised Legend Aircraft Magazine is in its second printing. From American Legend Aircraft Company, the premier producer of the finest American-manufactured sport aircraft available today, Legend Aircraft Magazine is a must-read for anyone who can appreciate flying for the fun of it.

Inside, there's knowledgeable advice on choosing the right aircraft, tailwheel training tips, and what one can expect when building their very own Legend Cub in kit form.

To request your copy of Legend Aircraft Magazine, please visit, call 903-885-7000, or view Legend Aircraft Magazine online.

NOSTALGIA J-3 Cub Models Now Available

Piper Cub J3 model - Legend CubWhen stock depleted in back in November, these beautiful J-3 Cub desk models were grounded. Now in stock again, they are ready to fly from the shelves and available for immediate delivery to your desktop.

At 1/24-scale, this J-3 Cub is model is a work of art. Master craftsmen hand-build each model from fine Philippine mahogany and durable composites. The models are shaped with remarkable precision and attention to detail. Several stages of fine sanding, between primer and paint coats, produce a smooth finish. Talented artists using ultra-fine brushes and decals, paint the stripes and markings. A final coat of clear polyurethane provides lasting protection and brilliance.

The Piper J-3 Cub, built between 1937 and 1947, closely resembles today's Legend Cub. It was built for flight training in its day and became one of the most popular and best-known light aircraft of all time. Like the Legend Cub, it's simplicity, affordability and popularity inspires pilots of all ages.

To order your Piper Cub or custom Legend Cub model, please visit

Stained glass window of your Legend Cub, customization available.

Legend Cub Custom Stained Glass Art

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