ADVENTURE Adventure Begins with a Titan Powered Legend Cub

"Let the adventure begin" best describes the newest incarnation of the American Legend Cub. It's taking the classic Cub to the extreme with a 180-horsepower Titan engine. Dubbed the Super Legend HP, it's the first time a true Cub's carried this much power and come this well equipped. Adventure awaits the most gregarious of pilots.

As history will attest, the Cub has earned its place among the world's most beloved airplanes. Cubs are often imitated and enduringly desired. But this one's far from ordinary with its plethora of modern features. The Super Legend HP from American Legend puts extreme power at the controls of the adventure-seeking pilot.

Super Legend HP - 180 HP Titan
The Super Legend HP is powerfully propelled by a 180-hp Titan engine.

One customer characterized his Legend Cub, with its big Titan jugs, as the "Big Watch" experience. Explaining that while having a big watch is not mindfully about telling the time, it does feel good resting on your wrist. With his Super Legend HP, he revels in sitting behind all that power and mindfully relishes in flying fun.

He's not alone in grasping the essentials of flying a Cub. Jim Hoddenbach, avid pilot and founder of Disciples of Flight, proclaimed, "If you fly the backcounty, you need a Cub." His depiction is spot on and applies to all pilots who possess a longing for adventure. While the common Cub disciple follows a backcounty love of the outdoors, they also possess a continuous quest for adventure.

Super Legend HP - 180 HP Titan
Super Legend HP on final. Photo courtesy of Sarah Dickerson Photography.

For the fun and adventure flying Cub pilot, one thing often left longing for is utility. The Alaskan bush pilot is commonly thought of as the ultimate utility aircraft pilot. The world they inhabit depends on flying and it requires the ideal utility aircraft. The Super Legend HP was designed with a utility role in mind. It's built to withstand demanding conditions. Plus, it's superbly capable of carrying pilots, passengers and their payload.

You've seen the Legend Cub around, at backcountry strips, STOL competitions, farms and fly-ins. You often wondered what it would be like to possess one. Now is the time to fly one for yourself. Today's Legend Cub is the smart, feature-balanced and affordable Cub of choice for adventure seeking pilots.

For more information on the Super Legend HP with Titan engine, call today at 903-885-7000 or email us at

ADVENTURE Grassroots Flying Fun in a Legend Cub

It's been told that American Legend Aircraft Company delivers the pilot's favorite "grass roots" flying machine. Flying just for the fun of it is a common theme among the stories we hear. Legend Cub pilots often relay tales such as their experience of taking ownership of their new aircraft and the exciting places they've visited owing to their cherished Cub.

Legend Cub
The Legend Cub is grassroots flying fun. Photos courtesy of Wayne Gibson Photographic.

To name a few, these grassroots gathering places include Triple Tree Aerodrome in South Carolina and Marble Airstrip in Colorado. Here, the Legend Cub makes for the perfect vehicle on a weekend outing. In fact it favors these grass strips and other numerous small airfields found in every state. Representing aviation flying safety at its best, the Legend Cub has an appetite for fly-ins. And quite often, unpaved grass strips make the perfect setting for an outdoor escape.

Legend CubNumerous grassroots fly-in venues have sprung up through the years including Lee Bottom Flying Field in Indiana and Reklaw at the Flying M Ranch in Texas. Here, like-minded pilots gather for the telling of their aircraft-related adventures. Old acquaintances rekindle memories over outdoor meals. Guests often camp after lazy days of leisurely flying. Evenings are spent discussing scant more than the wind and the where they've swept across their wings.

A place of pilgrimage for grassroots Cub pilots, Sentimental Journey Fly-in in Pennsylvania offers visitors row upon row of delightful aircraft. Being the birthplace of the Cub, the museum there tells of the early days of Piper production and the talents that brought the yellow Cub to bear. Exhibits include depictions of the Cub's war days flying liaison missions in grasshopper green. There are flying performances, pilot skills contests and much more.

So lace up your leathers and saddle into your seat because when these events come around next year you'll want to be prepared for some grassroots flying fun. And remember, the Legend Cub has a longing for it. Being among the most capable, most attainable and arguably the most adorable aircraft available today, it's only natural that you'll expect it to deliver years of grassroots flying fun.

To plan the delivery of your new Legend Cub, email us at or contact one of our dealers today.

RESTORATION The "Reimagined" Cub

What if you could take delivery of a "new" Cub for a sum well south of today's typical $100K plus price? Believe it or not, in today's escalating economic environment it's entirely possible. There's a trend in the industry and it's popularly known as "reimagined" aircraft. The major components of the reimagined aircraft concept are its lowered cost of acquisition and, for all intents and purposes, you're getting a "new" aircraft.

At American Legend we've been "reimagining" Cubs since the company's inception. We simply refer to it the old fashion way, as aircraft restoration. Regardless of the name, what the buyer gets remains the same, a restored Cub that is factory new. It's the best build for your dollar, guaranteed.

Super Cub Reimagined - Legend Cub
A restored Super Cub emerges from the Legend Cub factory.

Even before American Legend began building Cubs, more than ten years ago, its team of experts had been rebuilding vintage aircraft. Today at the factory, we take aged aircraft, flying or not, and strip them down part-by-part. Every item, from control cable to captive nut, is inspected for fitness and longevity. It's then overhauled or replaced with a certified new one. The result is a distinctive aircraft in often better-than-new condition.

Revived - Reborn - Reimagined

The days of the sub-$100K Cub certainly do still exist. And the dream is not so far away as one might think. While many aviators dream of restoring an old aircraft on their own, this typically involves thousands of hours accompanied by years of waiting until they fly again. By allowing our team of dedicated professionals to restore or reimagine your Cub to factory new, the dream comes true much quicker.

American Legend can take nearly any legacy Piper or other ragwing airframe and bring it back to life. These everlasting airframes, following just weeks of meticulous work, can be faithfully restored to modern standards.

Super Cub Reimagined - Legend CubThe first step to a reimagined Cub is finding an old one. But truth be told we can start with an incomplete aircraft, and often with nothing more than a box of old parts. After acquisition, one can expect refurbishment costs to be around $60K. It's a tantalizing savings, with new Cubs today being sold at over twice that sum.

But factory new treatment and cost savings are just the beginning of the story. A complete restoration presents the perfect time to add performance enhancing mods, STCs and personalization to get just the Cub you desire. This is where you get to use your imagination.

Used vs. New

Whether buying a car or a plane, many believe that "used is always better than new," for a number of good reasons. Topping the list is price, and the price delta between new and used airplanes is now greater than ever.

With aircraft, and particularly reimagined aircraft, greater efficiency also factors in. Engine updates to a 30-year-old aircraft offer discernable improvement. Customers are often impressed that their reimagined aircraft looks better than when it was actually new. Modern materials and finishes are contributing factors. More powerful engines, state-of-the-art materials, and don't forget, advanced avionics all contribute to the that "wow!"

Buyer Beware

When updating any aircraft, it's important to keep in mind that every shop and every technician/mechanic is prone to producing different results. For anyone in the restoration business, the biggest challenge faced is retooling. They'll often need to add capabilities to finish your job. And, this relates not only to equipment, but also to the company's way of thinking. American Legend has from the beginning included both new and remanufactured airplanes in its business process. The advantages of an experienced factory are undeniable.

Reimagine Your Cub

The need for a simple, rugged and reliable airplane was the Cub's raison d'etre. Even today these qualities make the Cub a focal point at airports across the U.S and abroad. Its appeal is simply magnetic. The beloved Cub has for nearly a century been regarded as a practical trainer and the exultation of pleasure flying. It's often said there ought to be one in every flight school. It's no wonder why these great aircraft are often the subject of restoration.

Super Cub Reimagined - Legend CubThe work effort that goes into a Cub's restoration involves around 400 hours of labor. This includes refurbishing, or replacing, everything, from structural components to seat cushions. So you'll really sense the changes in the seat of your pants. While a new coat of paint will tell your sugary eyes it's factory new, items like new electrics, engine accessories, windows, and fluid lines will ensure optimal operation.

Have a Cub Your Way

If you're on the path to a low-cost way to fly and a reimagined Cub sounds like the way to go, there's certainly a classic Cub out there for you. With a production run of around 40,000 Cubs of all configurations, there are plenty of subject airframes ready to be rebuilt.

American Legend Aircraft Company can take the Cub of your choice, in virtually any condition, and restore, rebuild or reimagine it the way you desire. The final product will be striking for sure and the subject of ramp conversations everywhere you go. And best of all, it will fly like the illustrious Cub.

Super Cub Reimagined - Legend Cub
Piper Super Cub "reimagined" by the talents at American Legend Aircraft Company.

To discuss restoring, or reimagining, your classic Cub, call today at 903-885-7000.

NEWS Gemini Diesel Engine Option on the Legend Cub

At AirVenture Oshkosh 2015, American Legend announced the option of a 100-horsepower Gemini Diesel engine on its Legend Cub. This was welcome news and it generated a lot of interest across the aviation spectrum.

Legend Cub DieselCombining the Gemini Diesel 100 with the Legend Cub has both companies excited. The Gemini feature list underscores this enthusiasm. The engine offers high torque delivering notable throttle response on the Legend Cub. The versatile powerplant has the ability to run on Jet A, diesel or bio-diesel fuels and makes for very efficient fuel burn. These features alone will make the 100-horsepower Gemini an extremely popular engine option for Legend Cub buyers, but they're just a fraction of the benefits.


  • Up to 20% lower fuel burn than conventional engines
  • Jet A and diesel are global fuel solutions with better availability, quality, consistency and pricing
  • Operators can fly the same range as a standard engine on less fuel or improve range on an equal fuel load
  • High power-to-weight ratio
  • Highly efficient, two-stroke power
  • Higher engine torque at lower RPM
  • Mechanically simpler design, with fewer moving parts
  • Retrofittable with many current piston engine designs
  • Greener operation with lower emissions

Installed weight of the Gemini Diesel 100 is just under 200 pounds. Lightweight and efficient, the diesel-powered Legend Cub will deliver flight performance comparable to its O-200 powered predecessor, but with greener operations, greater fuel efficiency and fuel flexibility.

A Legend Cub diesel option is particularly important for owners who operate in remote locations or in parts of the world where 100LL avgas is expensive or difficult to find. The Gemini Diesel option will greatly expand the reach of Legend Cub aircraft.

Go green with a diesel-powered Legend Cub, order yours today, call 903-885-7000.

LIFESTYLE Legend Cub is Active on Social Media

For Dan Compton, adventures in a Legend Cub are anything but slow. In September he attended AUSFLY, Australia's Aviation Show at Narromine Aerodrome. He calls himself "Plane Crazy Down Under" having been tasked with taking aerial photography for the event producers.

One month later Dan is stateside flying Legend Cubs with just about anyone who's willing. Legend sales executive Jim Skinner flew with "Dan from Oz" to Destinations Executive Flight Centre to celebrate their opening day in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Located at Harvey Young Airport (1H6), Destinations EFC offers flight training in a variety of platforms from an actual J-3 Cub to Redbird flight simulators.

Aussie Dan also tried out the Legend AmphibCub, recording on video his East Texas memories. Dan rounded his Texas flying spree by taking Tweety (Legend Cub serial no. 1) for a spin, summing up his visit, "Texas hospitality and Cubs make for a happy Dan."

Legend Cub - Dan Compton
Dan Compton from the land down under visits Texas and the Legend Cub factory.

Also on social media you'll find Charlie Pickett, proud owner of a Legend AmphibCub. Posting his many adventures on facebook, Charlie paid a visit to Greenville Municipal Airport for the annual International Seaplane Fly-in in Maine. There he found himself in the company of Cubs on lush grass and among scenic vistas of the approaching northeast foliage season.

Charlie also shared some GoPro video, taken from the tail of his Legend AmphibCub, for all watch as his Legend wets its feet while landing on a lake. He exclaimed, "Floats add a whole new life to flying."

Legend AmphibCub - GoPro
Charlie Pickett takes his Legend AmphibCub for a float in the lake.

See Dan and Charlie's postings on Facebook, where Legend Cub pilots share their adventures.

For more information on the Legend Cub and AmphibCub, email us at or call 903-885-7000.

REVIEW Read About the Super Legend in Flying Magazine

Super Legend HP - Flying MagazineStephen Pope, now editor-in-chief of Flying Magazine, recently reviewed the Super Legend HP. He takes the Titan-powered model for a spin in Clash of Cubs: Three Modern Takes on a Classic.

Highlights from the article include, "This wasn't just any contemporary Cub, mind you. It was American Legend Aircraft's new AL-18 Super Legend HP, a tube-and-rag rocket ship."

The location was William T. Piper Memorial Airport in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania during the annual Sentimental Journey Cub fly-in. Pope commented, "The Super Legend HP was the star of the Cub fly-in.... An abundance of tire kickers [were] in attendance.

"I was sucked into my seat as the airplane surged forward, its 84-inch Catto climb prop providing ample thrust. In seconds flat the tail was up and Dick was easing back on the stick. We soared into the air and climbed steeply after a ground roll of maybe 75 feet.

"[The controls] were as balanced and satisfying as any Cub fan could hope for." Pope added, "Lining up on the grass runway for takeoff, it occurred to me that this was one powerful steed indeed. Once you've tasted that raw extra power for yourself, there's a good chance you'll want to own a Super Legend too."

Read the Super Legend HP article at For more, read Pope's earlier review of the 115-hp Lycoming powered Super Legend.

For more information on the Super Legend, email us at or call 903-885-7000.

NEWS Legend Aircraft Magazine 2nd Edition

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Legend Magazine - SubscribeThe completely revised Legend Aircraft Magazine is in its second printing. From American Legend Aircraft Company, the premier producer of the finest American-manufactured sport aircraft available today, Legend Aircraft Magazine is a must-read for anyone who can appreciate flying for the fun of it.

Inside, there's knowledgeable advice on choosing the right aircraft, tailwheel training tips, and what one can expect when building their very own Legend Cub in kit form.

To request your copy of Legend Aircraft Magazine, please visit, call 903-885-7000, or view Legend Aircraft Magazine online.

EVENTS Mark Your Calendars for 2016

U.S. Sport Aviation Expo
January 20-23, 2016
Sebring, Florida
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Legend Cub - Sebring Expo
Legend Cub - Sun 'n Fun Sun 'n Fun
April 5-10, 2016
Lakeland, Florida
Lakeland Linder Regional Airport KLAL
AirVenture Oshkosh
July 25-31, 2016
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Wittman Regional Airport KOSH
Legend Cub - AirVenture Oshkosh

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