NEWS Legend Cub YouTube Channel Launched

American Legend Aircraft Company is excited to announce the launch of a new YouTube channel exclusively for the Legend Cub. YouTube is a free video-sharing website offering exciting new possibilities for sharing Legend Cub flying experiences.

The new Legend Cub YouTube channel is a place where owners and operators can share videos of their favorite flights in a Legend Cub. Here, you'll find playlists and video shorts on specific topics like taking a first flight, adventures afar and around the patch, building a Legend Cub, and flight reviews from the top aviation writers.

Legend Cub YouTube Channel
Watch videos on-demand on the Legend Cub YouTube channel.

YouTube was created in the same year American Legend Aircraft Company introduced and delivered its first Legend Cub. That was 2005. While both technologies may seem like they've been around much longer, perhaps this is because each is actually an evolution. Both stem from previous ideas, successfully transforming today into platforms uniquely their own.

With YouTube, television suddenly became old school, limited in its functionality. Today, YouTube users can upload, view and share videos on any topic imaginable. The website succeeds in bringing original content to viewers worldwide and on-demand.

Similarly, success for the Legend Cub came about in combining state-of-the-art flying with sport and purpose. While retaining all the great qualities of the legendary aircraft that preceded it, namely the Piper Cub, the Legend Cub of today enhances this classic adding modern materials, methods of construction, and advanced systems.

The successful evolution of these two technologies dates back nearly a century. The first television signal transmissions began to appear in the late 1920s. The Cub first appeared in 1930 as the Taylor E-2 Cub. Their modern day evolutions are now deeply entrenched in the lives of people around the world.

Legend Cub YouTube Channel
Subscribe to the Legend Cub YouTube channel to watch all the latest videos.

The new Legend Cub YouTube channel will host videos of manufacturing, training, pilotage and more, all in the Legend Cub. Videos will include demonstrations by owners, instructors, writers, reviewers and anyone with a fondness for the aircraft.

With the proliferation of action video cameras today, the YouTube channel offers wide-ranging possibilities. Legend Cub operators are encouraged to send their videos, and/or share their YouTube posted video links with the Legend Cub YouTube channel.

American Legend Aircraft Company is pleased to embrace the platform and to share the excitement of flying a Legend Cub. Subscribers to the Legend Cub YouTube channel will receive notifications when new content is posted.

American Legend Aircraft Company is a recognized leader in the manufacture of sport aircraft. YouTube is commonly listed as the third most visited website, following Facebook and Google.

To view or subscribe to the Legend Cub YouTube channel, visit or

SPECIAL OFFER Save $7,000 on a New Legend Cub

The AL3 "Classic Cub" from American Legend Aircraft Company is available now at a Special Offer base price of just $129,900. Until April 30th 2016, the priced of a brand new Legend Cub has been slashed by $7,000. This incredible offer is available for AL3 models only.

Legend Cub AL3 Classic Cub
The Legend Cub is classic Cub flying fun.

The open-cowl (AL3) Legend Cub has a classic J-3 Cub look with its exposed cylinders and "eyebrow" baffling. Those eyebrows are there not just for looks; they work to keep the engine's cylinders cool. Equipped with a Continental Motors O-200-D engine, and its long history of reliability, the AL3 delivers a full 100 horsepower and resonates a sweet, authentic sound.

Standard equipment on the AL3 includes: 1) a classic wood prop, 2) traditional yellow paint with black lightning bolt, 3) vinyl/cloth seat covers, and 4) 6.00 x 6" tires. Each of these items can be upgraded to suit the buyer's particular tastes.

The standard panel on the AL3 features an altimeter, airspeed indicator, inclinometer, tachometer, oil pressure and temperature gauges, and voltmeter. This basic panel is enough to monitor the smooth operation and docile flying qualities of the Legend Cub. As experienced Cub pilots know, the windscreen and the seat of your pants do the rest. A variety of custom panels are optionally available.

Legend Cub AL3 Specifications:

  • TBO 2,000 hours
  • Sea level climb 750 fpm
  • Takeoff ground roll 310 feet
  • Max. speed in level flight 108 mph (94 KTAS)
  • Stall speed 32 mph
  • Range 3.5 hours
  • Optimum fuel burn 5.6 gph
  • Fuel type 100LL or auto gas
  • LSA gross weight is 1,320 lbs (or 1,430 on floats)
  • Tested for an EAB gross weight of 1,750 lbs.

The AL3 also comes standard equipped with a safety-enhancing 406 MHz ELT, 4-point seat belts front and rear, and full dual controls. All Legend Cubs feature a 3-inch wider cabin. And it's the only Cub to come standard equipped with a split door/window on both sides.

Originally priced at $136,900, now save $7,000. Best of all it's showroom new and you get to choose the appointments that are right for you. For a complete list of options and specifications, visit

To plan the delivery of your new Legend Cub, call today 903-885-7000.

SPECIAL OFFER Free Options on Your Purchase of a Super Legend

Capabilities and options will always be in the minds of the new aircraft buyer. For a limited time American Legend Aircraft Company is giving away optional equipment for free.

Examples include a free Ultraleather™ interior upgrade, free wig-wag landing light and strobe/position light systems from AeroLEDs, a free pair of 8.50 x 6" 4-ply smooth Tundra Tires by Aero Classic, or a free ADS-B Out compliant system. Your choice of options can save you up to $4,985, but only until April 30th 2016.

Super Legend HP
The Super Legend is today's high-performance Cub with superb STOL capability and Alaska mods.

If you plan to fly anywhere a transponder is required today, ADS-B Out compliance is in your future. Fear not, as American Legend Aircraft Company is here to help you sort through the impending regs when you choose this free option. ADS-B offers some great advantages now, including subscription-free traffic and weather in the cockpit.

The Legend Cub has always been about comfort. From its design change to allow front or rear seat solo flight to its plush interior, you'll be flying in luxury if you choose the free Ultraleather™ interior upgrade.

Throw out those incandescent bulbs because LEDs are in. They are brighter and they are designed to last. With a free wig-wag landing light system and matching strobe/position lights from AeroLEDs, you'll see better and be seen better. They are a great safety enhancing option.

Tundra tires are all the rage no matter where you fly, and they can improve your landing prowess on unimproved strips. A free set of 8.50 x 6" 4-ply smooth Tundra Tires by Aero Classic can put you in the driver's seat and elevate your flying skills.

This special free options offer applies only to Legend Cub models equipped with Lycoming or Titan engines.

Super Legend pricing starts at $154,900; now save up to $4,985. Best of all it's showroom new and you get to choose the appointments that are right for you. For a complete list of options and specifications, visit

To plan the delivery of your new Legend Cub or Super Legend, call today 903-885-7000.

TECHNOLOGY Super Legend HP Specifications

The TITAN-powered Legend Cub with 180 horsepower is a performance package that beats all others.

Super Legend Spec SheetThe remarkable new Super Legend HP gets its power from the Titan O-340, a 4-cylinder Lycoming/Continental engine outputting over 180 horsepower**. Power-to-weight ratio is unlike any other before it.


  • Sea level CLIMB 2000+ fpm
  • TAKEOFF ground roll 35 feet
  • Takeoff over 50' obstacle 200 feet
  • Landing ground roll 245 feet
  • Cruise SPEED 104 mph (TAS) at 2150 rpm
  • STALL Speed 28 mph with FLAPS extended
  • Wing loading 7.4 lb/sf
  • Power loading (LSA) 7.33 lb/hp
  • Gross weight up to 1750 EAB / 1320 lbs LSA*
  • PAYLOAD up to 846 lbs EAB
  • Useable FUEL 30 gallons
  • Fuel consumption 5–6 gph
  • Cruise RANGE 450 miles

*To qualify as light-sport (LSA), the Super Legend HP has a maximum takeoff power limitation of five (5) minutes and a continuous cruise operations derating to 80 hp. Special lightweight custom paint and avionics packages are available to maintain Super Legend HP weight under S-LSA certification rules of 904 lbs.
**Titan engine is a derivative of the Lycoming O-320 with output similar to O-360. Titan specifications: 180 Horsepower at 2,150 RPM, 9.0:1 compression ratio, 340 cu in, 2400-hour TBO.

To configure and order your Super Legend HP, visit or call today 903-885-7000.

LIFESTYLE Cub's on the List of 20 Most Produced Aircraft of All Time

If you're a pilot, there is a good chance you've flown one or more of the "20 Most Produced Aircraft Of All Time." Landing deftly on this list is the famed and beloved Piper J-3 Cub with more than 20,000 aircraft produced.

The classic and beloved Cub is in good company among trainer, passenger-carrying, utility, and fighter aircraft. The Cub has at one time played each of these roles and one might say it dutifully rounds out the list.

Cubs have trained thousands of pilots and continue to do so today, more than 80 years after it was first introduced. In Alaska and many other remote places around the world, the Cub and its derivatives continue to serve a vital utility role. Historically, the Cub's engagement in wartime pursuits, at times armed and successful in self-defense, is documented and distinguished.

Legend Cub - Piper J-3 CUB
The Legend Cub redefines the classic J-3, among the most produced aircraft of all time.

The list was compiled by, a website purporting to deliver "digital aviation content to educate, inspire and train." And what pilot doesn't constantly engage is his/her pursuit of flying? In this infectious industry, we all know so well that the flying bug keeps us learning and yearning for more.

Considering all the Cub-alikes and Super Cubs that have succeeded the J-3 Cub, it's likely that the venerable Cub will continue its ascent among the 20 Most Produced Aircraft of All Time.

For more information on flying, purchasing, or training in today's Legend Cub, email us at or call 903-885-7000 today.

REVIEW Read About the Legend Cub Down Under

Legend Cub - Wings Out West - Australian PilotThe Legend Cub (actually a pair of them) has arrived down under. In this article, An 'Old' Classic for the 21st Century, Dan Compton takes his first Legend Cub out for a spin with author/reviewer Mark Smith.

Highlights from the article include, "Cubs are friendly looking aeroplanes and, when painted in their distinctive Cub-yellow paint, are probably one of the most recognisable aircraft ever built.

"Another improvement over the original is a full electrical system, allowing for a starter and avionics. But these additions that are part of flying today don't take away from the experience of enjoying a J-3."

Read the Legend Cub review from down under at or click on the image to download the article in PDF.

For more information on the Legend Cub and Super Legend, email us at or call 903-885-7000 today.

AVAILABLE NOW Pre-Owned Legend Cubs

American Legend Aircraft Company is offering a selection of pre-owned aircraft, available for immediate sale. These aircraft are gently used and may include factory overhauls, inspections, and/or rebuilt components. Many are available with manufacturer or factory warranties.

Pre-Owned Legend Cub
This 2011 AL3C-100 Legend AmphibCub is available for immediate delivery.

Additional inventory available now:

1949 Piper PA-14 Family Cruiser with Lycoming O-320, 150 Horsepower.

2013 AL11 Legend Cub E-LSA 2013 AL11 Legend Cub E-LSA.

For more information on purchasing a pre-owned Legend Cub, call today 903-885-7000.

NEWS Legend Aircraft Magazine 2nd Edition

Get Your FREE Copy Now

Legend Magazine - SubscribeThe completely revised Legend Aircraft Magazine is in its second printing. From American Legend Aircraft Company, the premier producer of the finest American-manufactured sport aircraft available today, Legend Aircraft Magazine is a must-read for anyone who can appreciate flying for the fun of it.

Inside, there's knowledgeable advice on choosing the right aircraft, tailwheel training tips, and what one can expect when building their very own Legend Cub in kit form.

To request your copy of Legend Aircraft Magazine, please visit, call 903-885-7000, or view Legend Aircraft Magazine online or download the PDF.

EVENTS Mark Your Calendar for 2016

Legend Cub - Sun 'n Fun Sun 'n Fun
April 5-10, 2016
Lakeland, Florida
Lakeland Linder Regional Airport KLAL
Legend Cub - AirVenture Oshkosh

AirVenture Oshkosh
July 25-31, 2016
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Wittman Regional Airport KOSH

See the Legend Cub at one of these great events in 2016. Call 903-885-7000 to schedule a demo flight.

Stained glass window of your Legend Cub, customization available.

Legend Cub Custom Stained Glass Art

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