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NEWS Better Floats From Legend, Carbon Fiber Amphibs

New Carbon Fiber Floats from American Legend Aircraft Company are now available for all Legend Cub models including open or closed cowling, Continental O-200, Lycoming YO-233 or Titan O-340 powered versions. With LF1500A Legend Floats there's more flexibility than any other certified, LSA or kit-built Cub.

Amphibious Legend Cub
The Legend AmphibCub now with carbon fiber amphibious floats.

Adding floats to a Legend Cub is an excellent way to expand your flying possibilities. Carbon fiber is the lightest and strongest material available making these floats more advanced than their metal, fiberglass or inflatable predecessors.

Unlike other landing gear options, adding LF1500A floats does not diminish your aircraft's performance. Their aerodynamic design provides lift, compensating for their own weight. The smooth lines of the carbon fiber shell minimize drag both on the water and in flight.

As you enjoy flying in and out of lakes, rivers and bays, the Legend Floats' amphibious design also enables landing on paved or turf runways. The beloved Cub is best known as the quintessential tailwheel aircraft; equipped with amphibious floats a Legend Cub tracks straight alleviating any tendency to ground loop.

By keeping things lightweight with carbon fiber, step taxi is brief on the Legend Floats. Plus, their superb buoyancy prevents porpoising and plowing while maneuvering on glassy water or wakes. The LF1500As add an unmatched low 230 lbs to the empty weight of the airplane. As a result, a realistic useful load fits well under the 1430 lb LSA floatplane weight limit. The LF1500A floats also offer watertight storage compartments.

An amphibious Legend Cub is the one aircraft customers have been wishing for. Now available, the certified, Kevlar and carbon fiber design, LF1500A floats add excitement and distinction to this ever-popular aircraft. But you've got to fly one yourself to see what makes these Legend Floats better.

For more information on the Legend Cub, Super Legend and LF1500A Amphibious Floats, email us at or call 903-885-7000.

NEWS Greg Koontz Performs in a Legend Cub

Greg Koontz launched his 2016 airshow season in April at the Luke Air Force Base "75 Years of Airpower" airshow. The performance was marked by Koontz landing a new Super Legend HP on top of a moving pickup truck. The stunt featured Greg Koontz in his "Alabama Boys / World's Smallest Airport" airshow act. Having also performed at the recent Sun 'n Fun Fly-in, Koontz will continue his Super Legend performances throughout 2016.

Legend Cub YouTube Channel
Watch Greg Koontz perform in the Super Legend HP on YouTube.

Greg Koontz has been performing in airshows since 1974 when he was a member of Colonel Moser's Flying Circus. Koontz credits having learned his maneuvers from "the best in the business," retired Air Force Colonel Ernie Moser. Koontz has held his Level 1 SAC card, the highest rating allowing aerobatic flight below 250 feet AGL, since 1976.

To see the full Greg Koontz Airshows schedule, visit, or follow the links at

LIFESTYLE First Canadian Registered Legend Cub

Olin McLean had little Cub time in his logbook; most of his flying was done in Cessna 152 and 172s. But living on a grass strip that was seasonally available for recreational flying, he wanted an airplane that he could share with his neighboring family members, also pilots.

Legend Cub in Canada
The first Legend Cub to enter service in Canada, a Titan-powered Super Legend HP.

McLean is an admitted tinkerer. He'd previously built model airplanes. He had also raised a family and endures a career in the paving business. Winters in New Brunswick bring a wealth of free time in his profession; so mid-2015 he went searching for an aircraft building project.

After calling the factory of American Legend Aircraft Company, McLean was told he might want to visit with a Legend Cub owner in Maine. He met up with Dick Parsons at a location in-between for an initial look at Parsons' recently delivered Super Legend HP. They later flew out together for a breakfast run in the Super Legend.

McLean had looked at other options including a Carbon Cub. But none seemed to convey the excitement of the Legend Cub and its family of flyers, referring to both the available aircraft models and the pilots who fly them. His eventual selection of a Legend Cub was also steered by the willingness of the manufacturer to support him in his build project.

Legend Cub in Canada
Amateur-built Super Legend HP now flying in Canada.

When asked about his choice of the "Combat" paint scheme, McLean offered "No particular reason." He had seen a photo of one and just thought, "It looked sharp." A friend, who is a painter, assisted with the build and the paint job. His kids helped in selecting emblems and ideas for the final touches.

According to McLean, registration took a little extra time since it was the first amateur-built Legend Cub in Canada. They have gotten beyond the bumps in the process and the aircraft is ready to fly. Future Canadian registrations will benefit from Olin McLean's efforts in bringing this timeless, adventuresome aircraft to the northernmost country in North America.

For more information on the super performing Super Legend, visit or call 903-885-7000.

WARBIRD Beneath Its Skin Sits a Mission Ready Cub

It's a sheep in wolves' clothing, and this time the wolf is a Cub. Yes, the upper hand has always been with the ever-dependable Cub, especially when it comes to flying for a multitude of missions. The legendary Cub has served as both trainer and a carrier in equal parts. The modern Legend Cub is the chosen method of transport to many far-flung pancake and hamburger hotspots.

Legend Combat Cub
The Legend Combat Cub is a sheep in wolves' clothing, mission ready for excitement.

Legend Combat Cub
The Legend Combat Cub pays tribute to those who served and flew.

In its heyday the famed Piper L-4 (a Cub in disguise) was the Warbird that surprised everyone with its effectiveness and efficiency. US and allied armed forces on the ground, at sea and in the air put it to use for more than 20 years.

Legend Combat Cub
Historically known as a Grasshopper, a Legend Combat Cub shines in olive drab.

Legend Combat Cub
The Legend Combat Cub is for serious pilots demanding exceptional performance.

Today, the Legend Combat Cub pays tribute to an era when WWII liaison aircraft served as artillery spotters and transported people and supplies. It inspires a new crop of pilots who perform reconnaissance missions for flying clubs and those in search of adventure. The Legend Cub excels as emissary on airfields around the world. It's a mission ready flyer with a distinct fitness to its purpose.

The Legend Combat Cub is available in both open cowl or closed cowl configuration and with a wide array of engine, avionics and other options. To configure and order your Legend Combat Cub, call 903-885-7000 today.


While manufacturing the best LSA and Cub kits available anywhere is our top priority, we want you to know that your feedback and questions are important too. We strive to respond quickly and we take into consideration everything our customers tell us. Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions fielded from the American Legend Aircraft Company website:

Find information online 24/7:

Curtis: Please send me performance specs and cost of this plane. Click here for models and pricing.

Dennis: I am interested in a Super Cub. Do you have a description of specific options you offer? Download Price Sheet & Order Form.

Tom: Please quote me a price for a Legend Cub. Click here for models and pricing.

Parts and updating your Legend Cub:

Bill: Greetings. I want to know whether you sell Cub Floats. Simply let me know the available sizes/models you have. Also want to know the types of payment you accept. Visit our online store for parts, accessories, apparel and pilot supplies.

Editor: LF1500A Floats can be fitted to almost any Legend Cub, call us at 903-885-7000 to discuss compliance with LSA certification rules.

Shopping for your next aircraft:

Richard: In between aircraft. Planning on a taildragger.

Editor: When considering your next aircraft, please be sure to check us out. We encourage you to be well informed about all purchase possibilities, because in the final analysis, we think you'll see why so many choose a Legend Cub.

Don: Would love to have a cub.

Les: Am a rusty private pilot, with no PIC time in the last 8 years. Would like to swing by sometime to learn more about the Legend and visit your factory. Is that a possibility?

Mark: [Based at] Centennial near Denver, current aircraft are Piper Super Cub and Citabria. [I fly as a] volunteer tow pilot at soaring club east of Colorado Springs. Also fly from Aspen Flying Club near Denver. I'd like to see and possibly take a demo flight in your new Cub HP LSA.

Editor: Our belief is that the best way to know what's right for you is to fly with us. We'll try to make this as convenient as possible. We may even be able to ask a Legend Cub owner nearer to you to speak with you about his airplane. Click here for an up-to-date list of Legend Cub owner-representatives or call 903-885-7000.

NEWS Legend Aircraft Magazine, Download Your FREE Copy Now

Ed: I'd love to have a copy of your magazine for my barbershop.

Legend Magazine - SubscribeThe completely revised Legend Aircraft Magazine is in its second printing. Legend Aircraft Magazine, from American Legend Aircraft Company the premier producer of the finest American-manufactured sport aircraft available today, is a must-read for anyone who appreciates flying for the fun of it.

Inside, there's knowledgeable advice on choosing the right aircraft, tailwheel training tips, and everything one would expect when buying or building their very own Legend Cub.

To request your printed copy of Legend Aircraft Magazine, please visit or call 903-885-7000. View Legend Aircraft Magazine online or download the PDF.

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Legend Cub - AirVenture Oshkosh

AirVenture Oshkosh
July 25-31, 2016
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Wittman Regional Airport KOSH

See the Legend Cub at one of these great events in 2016. Call 903-885-7000 to schedule a demo flight.

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