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NEWS Flight Instructor Selects Titan-powered Super Legend

Daryl Hickman is a Certified Flight Instructor who lives lives in the Seattle-Tacoma area, not far from the Cub Crafters factory. Hickman recently took delivery of a Legend Cub, incorporating the aircraft into his flight school. He operates a 1948 PA-11 Cub Special alongside his new Super Legend HP.

Legend Cub
Hunter Danz, a 15-year-old flight student, enjoys training in the Super Legend HP.

An FAA-rated Airline Transport Pilot for land and sea airplanes, Daryl Hickman also holds Commercial Pilot certificates in balloons and gliders. He's a Light-Sport Repairman and a Gold Seal Flight Instructor for airplanes and gliders. Hickman has successfully trained students from Private Pilot through Certificated Flight Instructor and has issued numerous tailwheel endorsements to students.

Legend Cub
Daryl Hickman, CFI, instructs pilots of all levels, including tutelage in the art of flying taildraggers.

Hickman's newest addition to the flight school is a Titan-powered Super Legend HP. The Titan engine is sold by Continental Motors and delivers an astonishing 180 horsepower in the Legend Cub HP. Hickman's PA-11 is equipped with a reliable and robust 90-hp Continental engine. A 100-hp version of this same workhorse is installed on today's baseline Legend Cub models. Both contemporary Continentals provide ample power for the new, lighter Legend Cub airframe that remains a leader in the sport flying category.

Legend Cub
Mayaan Shalev, a student of Hickman's from Israel, recently earned her tailwheel endorsement two days after receiving her private pilot certificate.

Daryl Hickman is also active on Prior to his Legend Cub purchase, Hickman had flown many hours as both pilot and instructor in Cub Crafters aircraft. He opted for the Texas-built Super Legend, offering, "Legend stands out for a number of reasons:

  1. People. You won't find any group of folks nicer and more caring than the folks at Legend. Darin Hart, the owner, is very responsive to customer needs and a great person to work with. I was valued as a consumer and treated as a member of the family. Given complete access to the manufacturing facility and staff. Never pressured.
  2. Double Doors. Having a full clamshell door on each side is not only convenient for summer or float flying, its a nice safety feature. As a backcountry and float plane pilot, having that second form of ingress and egress is a necessity.
  3. Back Seat. If you plan on taking anybody with you, wouldn't you want them in a real back seat and not a hammock? I spend most of my time teaching from the back seat. I don't live in a hammock and I don't want to spend hours sitting in one.
  4. Empty Weight. I don't think you'll find that the competition can build one as light. Empty weight of the Super Legend came in 50-80 pounds lighter than any S-LSA Carbon Cubs that were available.
  5. Craftsmanship. I met everyone at the factory and observed them while they produced each part in the building process. These guys care about each airplane.
  6. Panel Choices. I selected the iPad on my panel with ForeFlight Aeronautical Maps. With the Legend Cub, you get to choose what you want up front.
  7. Looks. I simply prefer the engine cowling on the Super Legend to that of the Carbon Cub."

Although cost was not one of his reasons for choosing a Legend Cub, Hickman asserted, "Legend builds a better plane for the money," adding, "It was nice to save some money." He also stated an appreciation for the Legend Cub's L-21 syle cabin—essentially extended cabin windows that provide exceptional visibility for the back seat occupant and a larger viewing window overhead for spotting aircraft. Hickman also pointed out, "The Legend Cub comes float-ready for when the owner decides it's time to pursue their seaplane rating."

Legend Cub
A Super Legend HP on the ramp in Aspen, Colorado with a Gulfstream jet. Guess which airplane used less runway?

Along with the two aforementioned engine options, American Legend Aircraft Company offers its Legend Cub with a 115-hp Lycoming engine. Having flown the Lycoming-powered Legend Cub, Hickman pointed out, “It’s a balanced aircraft with plenty of power, and a plus with its dual fuel 91 octane ability."

Legend Cub
A pair of Super Legend HPs ready for action.

Training tailwheel pilots since 2006, Hickman says " is now my full-time occupation." He footnotes his business as "Washington's Tailwheel and Backcountry Training Specialists," and also offers a program whereby pilots can complete a flight review in a tailwheel aircraft even without having their tailwheel endorsement.

An honorably discharged veteran, Hickman served with the U.S. Army's 24th Infantry Division in Desert Shield/Storm, and later with the Air National Guard in both Missouri and Washington. If you're intent on flying in the northwest, give Daryl Hickman a call to arrange a demo flight in the Super Legend HP.

For more information on the Flight School, visit or call 206-949-8919.

For more information on the Legend Cub, visit or call 903-885-7000.

LIFESTYLE The Cub's Badass Big Brother

In a December 2014 write-up for Air & Space Smithsonian, author Bob Bernier referred to the Piper PA-48 Enforcer as The Cub's Badass Big Brother. Further insinuating it "may have been called the Super Mustang, but never found its mission." The PA-48 was an almost-all-new airplane that bore a strong resemblance to its heroic ancestor, the P-51 Mustang.

Legend Cub
The Piper PA-48 Enforcer was a formidable machine and looked it.

Similar things might be said about the Super Legend from American Legend Aircraft Company. It is certainly worthy of being called the Cub's Badass Next of Kin. Super it is, and many missions has it found in peacetime years. Correspondingly to the Enforcer, the Super Legend is absolutely an all-new airplane, and one that bears a strong resemblance to its heroic ancestors, the J-3 and Super Cub.

Legend Cub
The Classic Cub has earned its place among historic warbirds, shown here with a T-6 Texan. (Photo credit to Jim Wilson Photography.)

The original Cub design has endeared itself to four generations of pilots and its character has become nearly synonymous with small airplanes throughout the world. The Cub's excellent short-field characteristics make it ideal for operating in and out of grass fields, placid shorelines, and otherwise remote or secluded spots. A truly spectacular all-around flying machine, the Legend Cub carries on in bold big brother fashion.

To read the full Air & Space Magazine article, visit

For more information on the Legend Cub and Super Legend, visit or call 903-885-7000.

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