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NEWS Super Legend Scores Best Overall STOL Performance

Hondo was the location for the 2017 Texas STOL Roundup and among the participants, two Super Legend aircraft outperformed the field. In the obstacle and traditional short-takeoff-and-landing (STOL) contests, the Super Legend placed first and a close second, respectively.

Super Legend - Legend Cub
The overall best performing Super Legend XP at the Texas STOL Roundup.

A newly manufactured Super Legend XP, conceived in part and piloted by Joe Edwards of Arkansas, aced the obstacle competition scoring top honors—no less by significant margin. Edwards and his Super Legend XP participated in the competition's LSA/Experimental class. Takeoff required a brief 158-foot roll. The landing, over a 25-foot obstacle (inflatable pylons), was marked at 230.7 feet (not including the standard 300-foot displaced threshold). This landing was, notably, the best recorded score among all experimental and bush class entrants. Edwards in the Super Legend XP recorded a combined score (takeoff + landing) significantly shorter—by 110 feet—than that of the closest competitor, and best overall among all competing aircraft.

The Super Legend XP is a performance enhanced version of the Legend Cub. Features include: Square Wing Tips, Extended Flaps and Ailerons, 40-Gallons-usable Fuel Tanks, an Extended Forward Landing Gear, Acme Aero Shocks, Enhanced Baggage Areas, and more. Built on the Legend Cub airframe, these kinds of enhancements are sometimes called Alaska or performance mods, and many have sprung from backcountry pilots customizing their aircraft to serve exacting needs.

Super Legend - Legend Cub
Super Legend HP performing at the Texas STOL Roundup in Hondo.

Also participating in the event was Scot Warren, president of Warren Aircraft. Warren competed in multiple events and in two classes of aircraft placing second in both. He flew the Super Legend HP, as well as a Quest Kodiak flying neck-and-neck with a fellow pilot in the Super Heavy Touring class. Warren Aircraft specializes in Super Cubs, offering training, service and sales.

At American Legend Aircraft Company, the construction of airplanes follows in the tradition of the archetypal Piper Cub. Where possible, parts are often interchangeable with PMA and TSO parts. Different than other cub-a-likes, this makes servicing and upgrading the Legend Cub simpler and more cost-effective. Items from struts and tail feathers, to airframe and covering materials are familiar and common. State-of-the-art processes and modern technologies make the Legend Cub built-to-last and readily serviceable.

The Super Legend proves once again that with modern design and manufacturing, and a fascination for flying with passion, the Cub platform is both universally accepted and best overall in low-and-slow, backcountry or cross-country, or superb STOL performance.

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RESTORATION A Mint Condition Piper Cub

In his article "Aviation Predictions We Got Right, and Wrong," AVweb editor Paul Bertorelli reflects on a 1992 issue of Aviation Consumer whence the magazine predicted aviation's future.

"Among the predictions: A mint-condition Piper Cub would bring $50,000... the half megaton price has since easily been exceeded. Fully restored show-grade Cubs are out there for $70,000. Even an average pristine restoration pushes $50,000," stated Bertorelli. A quarter-century later, the Piper Cub is still prized among flyers and collectors alike.

American Legend Aircraft Company is deeply entrenched in the business of aircraft restorations. The company has produced dozens of award-winning, show-grade aircraft. Their expertise in tube-and-fabric restorations can also be seen in the production of new Legend Cubs, Super Legends and kitted Cubs.

Legend Cub - Piper Cub
A 1947 Piper J3 Cub meticulously restored by American Legend Aircraft Company.

Legend Cub - Piper Cub
This Piper Cub won Best Restored Classic at Sun 'n Fun 2011.

Legend Cub - Piper Cub
Terry Robertson's award-winning Piper Cub was restored frame up to factory new condition.

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LIFESTYLE Someday I Would Love to Learn How to Fly a Piper Cub

At just 17 years old, Florida-based Mandolyn McAbee is an avid enthusiast of aviation. "I love all types of airplanes but taildraggers are some of my most favorites. I've flown in two taildraggers: the first was a Waco UPF-7 belonging to Classic Air Ventures and the second one was a Ford 4-AT-E Tri-Motor belonging to the EAA. Someday I would love to learn how to fly a taildragger, especially the Piper J-3 Cub."

Lady Taildragger Cub Pilot
Here a Corsair, Mandolyn McAbee hopes to someday learn the subtleties of flying a Cub.

Read about Ladies like Mandolyn who Love to fly Taildraggers at
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FLIGHT OPS Looking Up, It's A Cub

If dogs could fly, justly it would seem in a Cub.

Legend Cub - Looking Up It's a Cub
Keep Looking Up... That's the Secret of Life. Copyright Peanuts.

Legend Cub - Live to Fly
Flying the dog days of summer ain't so bad. Photo by Al Marsh.

EXPERIENCE Retired General, Fighter Pilot Flies a Super Legend

Charles Graham Boyd became a fighter pilot in the U.S. Air Force after joining in 1959. Having flown dozens of military jets including fighters, bombers and transports, Boyd retired as a four-star general—a rarified rank he never expected to attain.

On his 105th combat mission, near Hanoi, Boyd commanded a F105 Thunderchief. During combat his aircraft was hit by enemy fire and he was forced to eject. Boyd was captured by the Vietnamese and spent the next seven years as a "guest" of the North Vietnamese. Like other Americans captured during this period, he was frequently held in isolation and frequently "interrogated" in sessions that were more often torture.

Boyd affirmed, "To those who are interested in the American POWs and their life in the prisons of Vietnam," stated Boyd, "first of all—and let me make this clear—we were not heroes but, rather, we were just ordinary men in extraordinary circumstances. This being true, I would now contradict myself slightly and explain what I regard to be a somewhat extraordinary characteristic of most fighter pilots. The fighter pilots that I have known are, by and large, a fiercely individualistic breed of men. Whether this characteristic directs them toward a career flying fighter aircraft, or if it is merely something they develop through association in a society of professional fighter pilots, I do not know. But this I do know - there is not a fighter pilot worth his salt who would not prefer to fly alone in a single-seat aircraft, relying totally on his singular skills, [rather] than to work as a part of a committee on any multi-seated air machine.

"And so, it should not seem surprising that this breed of men would be as well-equipped as anyone to cope with the special problems of isolation. The enemy captors thought they could 'divide and conquer;' that without collective leadership we would not be able to maintain our resistance and our resolve. But they did not reckon with the individual integrity of the American fighter pilot.

"Our stories have now been told, and further elaboration on our intricate communication systems, our 'through the walls' education programs, and our gigantic mental projects, would only be redundant. But if a testimony is to be made to this group of men, it should be a testimony to the individual spirit. We returned with our mental health through no thanks to our captors, but because the highest degree of achievement is possible only when man is imbued with a spirit of individualism.

"In this world of changing values where the individual dignity of man seems to be eroding in the society, I think you would do well to remember the example set by men who refused to compromise their individuality." Quotation source:

Photo courtesy of AOPA. Read the AOPA article at
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READBACK The KwikBild Legend Cub

I'm interested in returning to flying after many years. I've looked at CubCrafters but some folks online have suggested Legend would make maintenance easier than a proprietary design. Is that accurate? You can use existing Cub parts? Second, is your factory built or builder-assist based upon the PA-18 platform or the J3? Where can I find details of your builder assist program?
Thanks, John H

Thank you, John, for your inquiry. With regards to using existing Cub parts, yes, it is possible to interchange a number of common Cub parts including airframe items such as elevator, stabilizer, aileron, struts, landing gear and a large number of smaller PMA parts such as pulleys, cable, controls, etc. Servicing a Legend Cub will be familiar to mechanics and shops everywhere.

By the way, the Legend Cub uses significantly fewer parts—not related to structural and flight control systems. The simplicity of the design is well-understood, and the importance of using proven materials goes a long way in making the Legend Cub a better choice, in our humble opinion.

With regards to your second question, American Legend Aircraft Company offers a builder assist program we call KwikBild™ for all of our aircraft. This includes both the Legend Cub (J3 and PA-11 style) and the Super Legend (PA-18 style). You can follow the Legend Cub Kit links on our website,, or click here to go there directly.


I just bought a 10-year-old Legend Cub, open cowl, O-200, fitted with VGs and bushwheels. It's like brand new and what a great airplane!! I'm in love again!
David C, CFII

Legend Cub - Live to Fly
Live to fly... Fly to live!

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