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REAL|NEWS The Legend FloatCub is an Amphibious Airplane

When the headline "Amphibious pitcher makes debut" rolled off the presses it was immediately recognized by many for the mistake it was. On the other hand (pun intended), when American Legend Aircraft Company built its Legend FloatCub with retractable wheels, it was immediately known we hit a home run. The Legend FloatCub is an amphibious airplane—it flies off of both land and water!

Amphibious Legend FloatCub
On the other hand, the Legend FloatCub is an amphibious airplane.

Designed and manufactured by American Legend Aircraft Company, the Legend FloatCub, with amphibious floats, can perform takeoffs and landings on both water and terra firma. Its LF1500A carbon fiber floats offer superb strength and are optimized for performance with Legend's FAA approved LSA and kit-built aircraft.

Amphibious Legend FloatCub
The Legend FloatCub, now equipped with carbon fiber floats.

The LF1500A floats are purposely built for the Legend Cub and Super Legend. American Legend Aircraft Company designed, tested and certified the floats in-house. They offer watertight storage compartments and are constructed of lightweight Kevlar reinforced carbon fiber composite.

Features include mechanically operated, retractable wheels. The rear wheels sport a trailing link design, while the front wheels cantilever forward. The solution is both practical and proven to ensure reliability and safety. Ground handling is exceptional. Differential braking and castoring front wheels provide positive steering control. On landing, the four wheels keep the "taildragger" in alignment with the runway.

Step taxi arrives quickly on takeoff with the float's designed-in rigidity and generous buoyancy. In flight, a Legend Cub will feel just like the wheeled aircraft. The aerodynamic shape of the floats provides some lift, negating additional drag and weight concerns. The floats are available for all Legend Cub models, including the open-cowled AL3 and Lycoming-equipped Super Legend.

Amphibious Legend FloatCub
The Legend FloatCub delivers more fun with more landing options.

"I have been flying a Legend FloatCub for several years now. It has been by far, one of the best purchases I have made in my 40 years of flying. I have flown flying boats and other floatplanes. This one is a keeper." - Bill Fosdick

The Legend FloatCub has an award-winning pedigree, having twice won Best Take-Off at International Seaplane Fly-In (Greenville, MN) in 2009 and 2010. The Legend FloatCub was also awarded Cutest Darn Aircraft on its debut in Greenville and Best Float Fabric Seaplane at Sun 'n Fun 2006. The Legend FloatCub first flew in June 2005.

For more information on the Legend FloatCub, visit or call 903-885-7000.

REAL|NEWS Titan-powered Legend Cub has a Big Bite

If fire hydrants are the teeth of the sidewalk, we like to think of the Titan-powered Super Legend HP as the lion of the tundra and the tarmac. Without a doubt, the Super Legend is a performance leading aircraft. A 180-horsepower Titan engine gives the legendary Cub airframe it's biggest bite ever. The Super Legend HP can take off in as little as 35 feet. It's climb performance is well in excess of 1,500 feet per minute.

TITAN Powered Super Legend Big Bite

Designed and manufactured by American Legend Aircraft Company, the Super Legend HP, with its 180-horsepower Titan O-340 engine, is the highest performing model in the popular line of FAA approved and kit-built Legend Cub aircraft. The Super Legend HP made its first public appearance at Sun 'n Fun Fly-in 2015, marking the company's tenth anniversary there.

Super Legend - Legend Cub
The Titan-powered Super Legend HP is the lion of the tundra and the tarmac.

The Titan O-340 is a stroked derivative of the Lycoming O-320. A 4-cylinder, 340-cubic-inch displacement engine, it is capable of outputting over 180 horsepower and weighs just 245 lbs. dry, 20 lbs. less than the similarly performing, and larger, O-360. The O-340 develops maximum continuous 180 horsepower with a 9.0:1 compression ratio. The Titan-powered Super Legend HP cruises comfortably at 104 mph TAS at 2,150 rpm—best in its class.

Super Legend - Legend Cub
Today's Super Legend HP with its Titan engine simply outperforms aircraft of lore.

With the Super Legend HP, American Legend Aircraft Company brings high performance engines to an unbeatable newly manufactured Cub platform. At up to 1,750 lbs. gross weight, a Legend Cub is not only the most coveted of Cubs, but the most capable built today.

For more information on the Super Legend HP, visit or call 903-885-7000.

REAL|NEWS Get the Facts on the Legend Cub

While intent is often well-meaning, it's the facts that matter. Looking to buy a new airplane? We encourage you to separate the facts from merely the intent, and to choose wisely.

The Legend Cub - All the facts

The 9th amendment to the U.S. Constitution states:

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.
In other words, it is not a comprehensive list, and your rights, including those not expressly named, are equally important.

The Legend Cub, let's be clear, is a true legend and as originally intended a pure joy to fly. Just as the Bill of Rights allows thoughtful consideration, ultimately the facts do matter. The choice is yours, so look at the facts:

FACT: The Legend Cub has doors and windows on both sides of the airplane—unique in its class.

FACT: The Legend Cub can be flown solo from both its front and rear seats.

FACT: The Legend Cub has a full electrical system, with starter, and can accommodate GPS moving maps, portable avionics, and more.

FACT: A Legend Cub has fewer parts, and more common parts including PMA and STC approved modifications.

FACT: Legend Cubs are powered by leading engine manufacturers, recognized and respected worldwide among general aviation pilots and mechanics.

FACT: The Legend Cub can be flown open-cockpit, with doors and windows that can be operated in-flight.

FACT: You can have your Legend Cub painted in any color you want, including yellow.

FACT: The Legend Cub has a full complement of factory options for backcountry operations.

FACT: Legend Cubs are flying around the world, in the U.S., Canada, South America, Europe, China, and Australia.

The Legend Cub is the best trainer ever built. - Bruce Bohannon

The Super Legend XP is the best of all worlds. - Joe Edwards

The Legend Cub is more sophisticated than a Citation II. - Johnny Foster

It's the best-flying, 500' AGL airplane ever. - John Q Pilot

This is the best of all worlds. Beauty, reliability, power and safety. - Sean Cushing

The Legend Cub has options that are the envy of J3, Super Cub and Cub-minded pilots everywhere. The Legend Cub offers more legroom, more headroom, more elbow room, and more comfort front and back. Moreover, you'll find that flying your Legend Cub with moving maps, an autopilot and more, makes sense just because it's what you desire.

Built on a legendary airframe and incorporating the latest in today's technology, the Legend Cub is the clear leader in its class. Choose wisely and enjoy flying your Legend Cub.

For more information on the Legend Cub, visit or call 903-885-7000.

EVENTS Check Out the Legend Cub

At the factory, Sulphur Springs Municipal Airport - KSLR, in Sulphur Springs, Texas

AirVenture Oshkosh in Oshkosh, Wisconsin - July 23–29, 2018

Texas STOL Roundup in Hondo, Texas - September 28–30, 2018

Sport Aviation Showcase in Deland, Florida - November 1–3, 2018

See the Legend Cub and Super Legend at these and other great events. Call 903-885-7000 to confirm an appointment or to arrange a demo flight.

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