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NEWS Catching Up With Legend... And The Mother Of All Cubs

The Legend Cub was to have celebrated its 15th anniversary at Sun 'n Fun this year. Despite the high desires of aviators everywhere, the ritual Spring event did not materialize. Reflecting on that anniversary, however, it's safe to say that 80 years of Cub design has evolved more in the last decade and a half than in any period prior. An impressive body of work has been done at American Legend Aircraft Company. We're here to tell what's trending and, moreover, we're thrilled to catch back up with you.

Legend Cub - MOAC
80 Years of Cub development culminates in MOAC—the Mother Of All Cubs.

On a visit to the Legend Cub factory last month, continued evolution of the Cub was evidenced with employees and customers in full production. In brief, underway were three factory-assist builds, a stunning new Super Cub restoration, the completion of a factory demonstrator Classic Cub, various service and maintenance tasks on the Legend fleet, the delivery of a FloatCub (with reversible prop no doubt), and flight training operations. In addition, a handful of renovation projects occupied other non-Cub corners of the hangar. In short, it was an exhibition of hand-crafting superbness.

Legend Cub - MOAC
A modern Cub rendition, MOAC, stands in relation to a classic-yellow Legend AmphibCub.

Front and center of the manufacturing activity was MOAC—the Mother Of All Cubs. Three builder-customers were progressing through different phases of their one-off renditions of MOAC. Bo Ellis, having recently passed inspection of his standout MOAC, was airborne flying off a requisite of local flight test time. Meanwhile, Brian Steck was unboxing a new Hartzell constant-speed propeller behemoth for his 208 HP Titan powered MOAC. In the wing area, Greg Kirk was prepping and assembling his "dream Cub" MOAC, while carving out some time for tailwheel transition training with local CFI John Wisdom.

Legend Cub - MOAC
Whatever your paint and performance preferences, MOAC is the ultimate Cub platform for today's scrupulous builder.

The rush of build activity was, in part, in anticipation of two events in the weeks ahead, the Lonestar STOL Competition & Fly-in, and Sun 'n Fun Aerospace Expo. As the former did take place, a cadre of Legend Cubs attended extolling their abilities among the best of the best in short-field performance. Expect to see MOAC again as these, and other, superb examples of the Legend Cub emerge from the factory and into the forefront. Meanwhile, work and evolution continue with the MOAC community of builders and their legendary Cubs.

For more information on MOAC and the Legend Cub, visit or call 903-885-7000.

NEWS Super Restorations

While MOAC is getting all the attention among new buyers and backcountry flyers, the level of vintage aircraft restorations keeps accelerating too. Quality restorations are the imperative, and today it's the wow factor that keeps climbing up a notch. At Legend, we're seeing vintage airplanes painted in modern schemes. Forget about matching what it looked like on the showroom floor. We're also seeing customers opt for every conceivable STC and approved mod. This makes decades-old aircraft certifiably stunning, and practical for every day use.

American Legend Aircraft Company - Super Cub Restoration
A 1951 Piper Super Cub gets a dazzling facelift and an abundance of performance enhancing add-ons.

There's a flash of excitement around Mark Stevens' vintage Super Cub. The dazzling, and difficult paint job, is but one indication. The concept by Scheme Designers was a surmountable challenge for Ron who's been painting Legend Cubs since 2005. Its checkerboard rudder, super charged lightning bolt, and drop-shadow highlights throughout shout, this is no ordinary Super Cub.

Upgrades, not available when originally produced at Piper, include LED landing lights, Alpha-Omega Suspension System, FA Dodge safety cables, giant tundra tires on Beringer alloy wheels, plus a pair of cargo door mods for stowage behind the rear seat and in the turtle deck. Imagine this Super Cub restoration, based in Pennsylvania, parked alongside those previously rolled out at its Lock Haven home. Would they welcome, much less recognize, their sibling?

American Legend Aircraft Company - Piper J3 Cub Restoration
This 1939 Piper J3 Cub flies again for the first time in 60 years, powered by Continental.

Originally powered by a Franklin engine, this J3 Cub was completely rebuilt to like-new condition. Alan Woodall of Denton, TX, is gleaming that his 1939 model is flying again after 60 years. To make the restoration pop even more, it's been accented with a red/black lightning bolt, color coordinated with a checkerboard rudder. In picture perfect form, the red-tipped wooden prop is as striking as its streamlined wheel pants

American Legend Aircraft Company - Stearman Restoration
Boeing A75N1
Stearman is a veritable workhorse, at its brightest moment freshly restored.

For Howard "Wally" Gray of Dallas, TX, flying an open cockpit in a heavy yet nimble Boeing A75N1 Stearman is akin to a visit with heaven. The fuel thirsty, radial powered "PT-17" is dressed in U.S. Air Force 352nd Special Operations Wing attire accentuated by USAAC roundels and rudder stripes.

The 75 series Stearmans were single-engine biplane primary trainers with the U.S. Army Air Forces and Navy, and the Royal Canadian Air Force throughout World War II. Post-war, these surplus aircraft were enlisted into the civilian market. N9046V has been flying ever since. This brilliantly restored example owes its acclaim to the accomplished hands at American Legend Aircraft Company.

For more information on restorations, contact American Legend Aircraft Company at or call 903-885-7000.

NEWS The Cub's Never-ending Legacy

To ensure the eternal Flying For The Fun Of It, the classic Cub lives on in many forms. At American Legend, it's loaded with standout capabilities and its modern construction keeps improving with time. The idea is simple... build them using well-proven methods and make them easy to service and maintain. This is done simultaneously with increasing comfort and equipping them the way customers want. Case in point is the affordable Classic Legend Cub.

Legend Cub - American Legend Aircraft Company
A current Classic Legend Cub is the epitomy of a modern J3, powered by the sweet sounding Continental O-200D.

Being well-equipped is a state-of-mind that differs for every pilot. For Robbie Elves of Florida, his Titan-powered "Big Bird" gets the job done. The Legend AmphibCub is capable of landing on pavement, turf and water. With the addition of a reversible prop, taxi precision into a slip or turn, regardless of the surface, is grealy enhanced.

Legend AmphibCub - American Legend Aircraft Company
The Legend AmphibCub is the most powerful and versatile of any prior factory-built Cub.

There's a Legend Cub for you. Whether your desire is to fly low-and-slow with an open cockpit feel, land in remote locations, or test your skills in a STOL competition, a personally configured Legend Cub is the way to go Flying For The Fun Of It.

For more information on flying a Legend Cub, visit, or call 903-885-7000.

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